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10th March 2010

Fact: Alexander McQueen's final collection was unveiled in Paris on Tuesday (09Mar10), a month after the tragic designer was found dead in his London apartment.

16th February 2010

Fact: British funnyman Alan Carr paid a special tribute to Alexander McQueen at the BRIT Awards - he wore a pair of the late designer's shoes to the event.

16th February 2010

Fact: Lady GaGa performed a sombre tribute to Alexander McQueen at the BRIT Awards in London on Tuesday night (16Feb10). Shrouded in white lace, the fashion-conscious pop star sang in front of a huge statue of her wearing the late designers' bizarre Armadillo shoes. MCQueen died after reportedly taking his own life on Thursday (11Feb10).

12th February 2010

Quote: “Lee MCQueen was a truly unique visionary in the world of fashion. A creator of beauty. What a tragedy.” Madonna pays tribute to British fashion designer Alexander McQueen - real name Lee MCQueen - who died after allegedly taking his own life on Thursday (11Feb10).

26th February 2009

Quote: "I actually had to cut myself out of that dress that night. My husband (Matthew Broderick) was out of town, so I was alone when I got home, and I couldn't unzip it. So, I got out the scissors." Sex And The City star Sarah Jessica Parker committed a fashion sin after squeezing into an Alexander McQueen dress for a movie event.

15th May 2008

Fact: Actress Rebecca De Mornay was so taken by one tight-fitting black dress she spotted at the launch of British fashion designer Alexander McQueen's new Los Angeles store on Tuesday night (13May08) she bought it, changed into it and wore it for the rest of the night.

8th April 2008

Quote: "If she (Paris Hilton) comes past the shop, hopefully she'll just keep walking. I don't really covet that sort of thing." British designer Alexander McQueen doesn't want the socialite's presence at the opening of his Los Angeles boutique on Tuesday (08Apr08).

5th March 2006

Fact: Supermodel Kate Moss made her first appearance on the catwalk since her drug scandal broke last year (05) as a holographic image at designer Alexander McQueen's Paris show yesterday (04MAR06). The 3D feat depicted the British beauty swathed in lengths of rippling fabric.

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