Alexa Chung has a "terror room" of clothes.

The 27-year-old beauty spends much of her time working in the US, but back in her home in the UK she has a space so full of outfits she is scared to go near it.

She said: "'Back in London, I had what I called a 'terror room'. It was floor-to-floor with shipped boxes from the USA, still unpacked one year on, with clothes spilling out of them-basically, a mattress of clothes up to here. I'm worried that if it's neatly arranged, I won't be able to get dressed."

However, it is not the only problem for the British star - who split with Arctic Monkeys singer Alex Turner earlier this year - she is also scared to take out the Mulberry bag named after her because she thinks it seems too showy.

She joked: "It just seems a bit much now, like, 'Hey guys, guess what I'm carrying?'

Despite her clothing issues, she also has trouble with the paparazzi, especially when they catch her on a bad day.

She told Teen Vogue: "The annoying thing is that whenever I do spot a pap, I'm like, 'Ugh! Today wasn't a good day. Why didn't you get me yesterday?' "