Alexa Chung gives most of her free designer stuff to charity.

The TV presenter is often sent items from fashion houses all over the world but says a lot of them aren't to her taste so ends up donating them to her friends or a local charity shop.

She said: "It's not all things that I'd have chosen. It makes you question your own taste sometimes. Do I even like this? My house is tiny and I can't fit things in. So if my mum or my friends don't want it, I send it back or give it to a charity shop.

"It's worrying to think how much those things are worth. When you get it for free it's like, 'Oh, this thing,' and then you see it in a magazine and f**king hell, it's £2,000! Meanwhile you've been scrabbling around in festival mud in it."

Alexa recently revealed how she thinks she dresses like "a granny" and is proud of her different look.

The 27-year-old beauty explained: "Everyone says I look like a granny. I do sexy sometimes, but never sl*tty. I'm quite proud that geeky, asexual dressing has become cool. It's good to promote a different look. It's cooler to get something for a fiver in a charity shop, than spend five grand in Versace."