Alexa Chung ''steals'' clothes.

The 31-year-old beauty admits she contacts designers to borrow their garments to wear during fashion weeks, then leaves the country so she doesn't have to return them.

She told STAR magazine: ''I try to pull in clothes to borrow - then essentially steal them.

''They say, 'We really need that back' and I'll say, 'I'm in America'. ''

Alexa is renowned for her sense of style but insists she takes less than 10 minutes to get ready on a typical day.

She said: ''In real life, it's around the seven-minute mark. But for fashion week, I try and put in a bit more of an effort.''

The model-and-presenter particularly enjoyed the designs on show at this year's London fashion week.

She said: ''It was really fun. I thought it was impressive this year. There's a lot of creativity out there.''

Meanwhile, Alexa recently claimed she has psychic powers when it comes to predicting fashion trends.

She said: ''I'm psychic. All last week, I was thinking about Chinese slippers, you know, the ones you see in Soho with the embroidery on them? And then there they were in the Marc by Marc Jacobs show today.''