Alexa Chung thinks festival fashion is ''naff''.

The 31-year-old model has confessed she finds over-the-top attire at festivals ''slightly embarrassing'' and believes it's more important to be comfortable.

She said: ''It's slightly embarrassing because first and foremost, you just have to be comfortable and weather-appropriate. So I think it's a bit naff, some of the iterations on that theme, and how it has become its own style.

''Coachella, for me, it's become a bit homogenized - and I enjoy going there, I've been going there for 10 years - but the last time I went there, all I wanted to do was wear a suit as soon as I left. I mean, I was wearing what everyone else was wearing but, like, f**king hell, if I see one more flower crown.''

However, the brunette beauty understands festivals are the perfect opportunity for people to experiment with their style.

She said: ''But, then again, it's a moment where you can really have fun with whatever you're wearing, so I see the attraction.''

Following on from the release of her capsule collection for denim brand AG Jeans, Alexa - who previously fronted the Channel 4 show 'Popworld' and is a contributing editor at British Vogue - is planning on returning to the small screen.

She explained to Fashionista: ''I'm going to do more TV things. I really love interviewing people and writing and doing stuff like that, so that's what I'm doing this summer and then after that, I don't know.''