Alexa Chung wants to be a fashion photographer.

The 31-year-old model has admitted she would love to step behind the camera on a photo shoot to see it from the other side.

When asked what other job she'd want in the fashion industry, she said: ''I've always wanted to be a photographer. Or I'd like to be [Balmain designer] Olivier Rousteing - he looks as though he's just been handed the keys to the city.''

And whilst Alexa admits it can take a lot of ''hard work'' to make it into the industry, she insists passion is the key to success.

She added: ''It's true that it takes a lot of determination and hard work to break into the industry, but I think if you're passionate about what you do and are talented and willing to carry out the more mundane tasks while learning your trade it is achievable.''

Alexa - who has found herself gracing the coveted front row of a number of fashion shows - also shared her top tips on how to break the ice with the person you're sat next to.

She told The Guardian newspaper: ''Weather is too easy. Sometimes I like to turn to the person next to me and just say, 'Are you in love?' People like talking about love or heartbreak. Another good one is, 'Do you have lots more to do today?' As if sitting front row is understood to be the most exhausting, challenging job in the world.''