Alexa Chung has considered having anti-ageing surgery in the future.

The 30-year-old model - who turns 31 in November - has admitted that she worries about her skin as she grows older and has even thought about having a face lift to alter her looks.

Talking to the Stylist magazine, the brunette beauty shared: ''Sometimes I'm like, 'Oh my god, I'm going to get a facelift', but I don't think I really will. I'll just live in the present and enjoy my remaining youth.

''I do worry about my skin though. I look in the mirror and I'm like, 'Oh hi wrinkles'. But everyone I love - like [singer-songwriter] Patti Smith or [actress] Charlotte Rampling - has wrinkles and they still look beautiful.''

Alexa was also reflective about her personal goals as she gets older, as she addressed her plans for starting a family after hitting thirty and the acceptance of her sexuality.

She told the mag: ''Turning 30 wasn't the big deal everyone made it out to be. When you get there, it's just like 29 or 31. I thought I might feel pressure to have a family, but you realise that 30 is just a young person's notion of getting old and it's not actually old. It had zilch effect on the way I thought about my looks.

''I feel more confident in myself now. I'm definitely not as afraid to celebrate my sexuality in a way I couldn't before. Back then, I couldn't reconcile the idea of being a feminist and being sexy. I thought I could convey power by dressing like a man but now I realise it's more about celebrating being a woman.''