Alexa Chung wanted to ''explore'' fashion with her second collection for AG Jeans.

The 31-year-old model has unveiled her hotly-anticipated follow-up range for the denim brand and revealed she has tried to be more experimental with her new offering.

She said: ''It's an evolution. The first collection was very focused and stripped back, I challenged myself to create an essential denim wardrobe. With the second collection it was more about exploring where else we could take it.''

While her autumn/winter 2015 line bares a resemblance to her seventies-inspired spring/summer collection, it also features slogan sweaters, coats, polka-dot blouses and a longsleeve denim jumpsuit.

AG said of the inspiration behind the line: ''[it was] inspired by an imaginary - and impeccably dressed - girl gang kicking up dust in the desert.

''The new collection boasts an expanded variety of separates in elevated materials, perfect for building the day to- night wardrobe.''

The brunette beauty's collection is set to go on sale in Trilogy Stores and at Stylebop on July 23.