Alex Turner thinks fame has gone to his head.

The Arctic Monkeys singer and songwriter has spent ten years as a famous musician, but despite having kept his ego in check, he feels he must have let his success get to him at some point.

He told Q magazine: ''I'm sure it has f***ing gone to me head, to be honest. How could it not, to some extent? There's certain moments of f***ing madness, I suppose, that you have. You have those nights where you're like, 'Oh s**t, I shouldn't have done that.' ''

When asked if there are any specific rock 'n' roll incidents he would lift the lid on, he coyly replied: ''Too many to mention. Definitely. No one's got a f***ing clean sheet when it comes to that s**t.''

One of the items of rock 'n' roll folklore growing out of the band is how drummer Matt Helders broke his hand at the beginning of sessions for their latest album, 'AM', but he plays down that it was anything too exciting.

He explained: ''It wasn't a fist fight with a person, no. I didn't hurt anyone, except for myself, it was ... a bizarre incident ... with a wall ... that was harder than I expected.

''I was just messing about, drunk. The bone popped out - not out the skin but it was stuck up. They put a plate in. I'm having it taken out at Christmas.''