Alex Turner has banned his mother from attending the same festivals as him.

The Arctic Monkeys front man was left slightly annoyed when his mum Penny bagged her and her pals a ticket to Glastonbury festival in Somerset, England, this summer in celebration of her birthday because it meant he couldn't pull any mischievous stunts.

Speaking to The Sun newspaper, he said: ''She had a lot of fun - maybe more than me.

''She was there with all her gang. I didn't even get the tickets for them, she went and organised it for herself, for her birthday.

''There's something about a big festival and knowing your mum is around somewhere. I can't be naughty if she's there.''

However, the 27-year-old musician has struck up a deal with party-loving Penny to stop her from turning up at the same gigs as him in the future.

He explained: ''I asked if, in future, we could check which festival she wants to go to and which ones I'm playing at. I absolutely love her though, don't get me wrong.''