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i'm the arctic monkeys biggest fan :) theres no contest tbh ! alex turner is a babe, he's also god :D i'm kinda obsessed ! 24/9/09 = best night of my life :$ cant wait till the next tour !

Posted 11 years 3 weeks ago by arcticmeaghan

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I like Alex Turner cause he writes good songs and the majority of the time he spaeks sense. Plus the Arctic Monkeys are a brilliant band. And.....hes just a gid guy. I like Nick too though. The whole bands gid! End of.

Posted 13 years 10 months ago by Loves not only ...

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wow, your amazing, but that chick is psyco. anyways, i love this guy because he's got a beautiful mind and no one can spit it the way he can, much love to him thenRobin

Posted 13 years 11 months ago by mardybum

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hey hey hey!! Alex i love u soooo much!! ure sooo hot i soo wana meet but cnt lol! :( i wana go to 1 of ure concerts and i will ;) hehe!! I LOVE YOU! :D:D:D and ure band RULES! wooooo! gawd ure sooooo HOT!!!!!!! cnt get ya off ma mind n ure songs ther sooo wiked!! MWAH x x x x x x x x love u becky...16!! ARCTIC MONKEYS BIGGEST FAN!!

Posted 15 years 6 days ago by Becky BIGGEST F...

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