Alex Reid believes human beings were created by an alien race.

The 45-year-old mixed martial artist thinks humans were created by aliens to be their slaves in order to harvest gold and help keep their planet alive.

Speaking on Chris Thrall's 'Bought the T-Shirt Podcast', Alex explained: ''The Anunnaki, I buy that, it makes sense from all the texts I've read.

''Long story short, Planet X - which when I was at school they discovered it in our solar system, a new planet, I don't know if it's been acknowledged as a new planet, it's quite far away - or Planet Nibiru, which in ancient Mesopotamian and Assyrian and Indian texts, they talk about these advanced beings coming to planet Earth from Planet Nibiru, they were called the Anunnaki, they're like gods, titans.

''They came down to planet Earth because the atmosphere on their planet needed gold, the element was needed to protect their atmosphere from dying.

''So they came here, a very advanced civilisation, and were like gods to the primitives that were here then. They decided to make a slave race of the cavemen here to serve them.''

Alex's theory steams all the way back to ancient Egypt, claiming aliens used their advanced technology in order to build the pyramids.

He said: ''The pyramids in Egypt are quite modern, there's even more ancient pyramids around the world, you've got the Baghdad Battery, all this ancient technology.

''I've read a lot on ancient religious texts and on civilisations, Mesopotamia and Syria, they talk about invaders, spaceships, these invaders they call them gods or titans, but they're aliens basically that have given them technology.

''You actually see the correlation with how advanced they were, when I'm seeing all of this there's got to be something in it.''