Alex Reid says Katie Price has a ''smutty'' alter ego called Lady J.

The former glamour model's ex-husband has claimed she played an ''exhibitionist'' character to spice up their love life, and he even had to restrain her ''in public''.

He has hit back after Katie revealed his own cross-dressing alter ego Roxanne, and insisted they both enjoyed playing different roles in the bedroom.

He told The Sun on Sunday newspaper: ''Katie says there were three people in our marriage, but there were actually four - me, her Roxanne and Lady J.

''When she was Lady, I had to stop her from doing things. She became very smutty and was an exhibitionist.

''I'd have to hold her back to stop her from taking her clothes off, even if we were in public.''

He also claimed Katie - who is now married to Kieran Hayler - even wanted to bring a string of female celebrities into the bedroom, but he told her they couldn't because of their fame.

He added: ''Katie tried to convince me to bring another girl into our relationship. It was me who told her we couldn't because of who we are.

''She had a lot of female celebrity crushes. She said she wanted to s**g Madonna. Lady Gaga and Cheryl Cole were her other favourites.''