Alex Reid has revealed his mother is living with dementia.

The former 'Celebrity Big Brother' winner has had to move his beloved mum Carol Reid into a care home so she can receive specialist support for the degenerative brain condition which affects a person's memory and speech.

Alex - who is in a long-term relationship with personal trainer Nikki Manashe - admits it can be heart-breaking to see his mother and he feels ''guilt'' that he is not looking after her himself but he knows she is getting the care that she needs.

In a Twitter post responding to news reports that actress Dame Barbara Windsor has been moved into a care home due to her Alzheimer's, he wrote: ''I know how it feels moving mum into a home with dementia. Its worse than bereavement as their still here & so lost.

''U feel an immense sense of guilt 2want 2do more.

''I see how scared mum sometimes is,wanting to come home, but I see she how she is adapting & her quality of life improve. (sic)''

The 44-year-old retired cage fighter - the ex-husband of Katie Price - received numerous messages of support from his Twitter followers following his post.

One social media user wrote: ''Pls don't feel guilty. You just want to give her what she needs right now and it's the best for her and her needs. (sic)''