Alex Reid - the cage fighting man best known for dating Katie Price - has been pictured arriving at the house of his pregnant girlfriend Chantelle Houghton, with what looks to be an overnight bag in his hand. Under normal circumstances this would appear to be a normal scene, for a man to be spending time with this mother of his unborn child. For Reid, though, it might be a sign that former Big Brother contestant Chantelle has stopped raging at him after he decided to follow the glamour model Any Willerton on Twitter and send her private messages.
The photo of Alex arriving at the house has been published by The Mirror today, March 12, 2012, as his publicist tries to play down any drama that may have occurred between Alex and Chantelle. "Alex has thousands of followers on Twitter and is asked to follow lots of people," the rep told reporters, adding "any private message to Amy was entirely innocent." Chantelle reportedly "went beserk" when she discovered that Alex had started following Amy on Twitter. Amy herself has posted a message on her own Twitter account dismissing any suggestion that there had been flirtations between her and Alex, saying "Just to confirm I've never met Only1AlexReid ... My only message to him was to congratulate him and Chantelle. sillystory"