The actress Alex Kingston has been cast as Lady Macbeth, to star alongside Sir Kenneth Branagh in a new production of the Shakespearian tragedy. The new production of the play will be co-directed with the Emmy and Tony award-winning director Ron Ashford. Kingston, aged 50 is perhaps best known for her roles as Dr Elizabeth Corday in ER and River Song in Doctor Who.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, she revealed “I’m excited - and a bit terrified, as well - about being given the challenge and being pushed… It’s going to be a workout, that’s for sure. Emotional things are already starting to percolate.” She also explained how she came to be working with Branagh; they met in Los Angeles for tea and discussed the not-so-happy Macbeth couple. Kingston and Branagh saw eye to eye when it came to approaching the characters and their development throughout the play. “it’s more interesting if you don’t consider them sort of quintessentially evil at the beginning of the play, because then, ultimately, you’re only playing one note,” said Alex. “There are references in the play that their castle is very pleasant; it’s not some sort of terrifying, glowering place that has an evil presence.”

Co-director Ron Ashford explained that he wanted an actress of Alex’s “stature” to carry off the complexities of Lady Macbeth’s character and highlight her vulnerabilities. 

Alex Kingston
Alex Kingston: landed iconic role alongside Sir Kenneth Branagh