Alex James is ''up for'' making more music with Blur.

The bassist has teased the band could continue to work on more material together after they recently reformed to release their first studio album in 12 years, 'The Magic Whip'.

Discussing the possibility of another record, he said: ''Oof give it a while. I'm up for it but ... That relationship we have of being able to make music together so easily, that's been there right since our first rehearsal that we wrote our first single at, is a really nice thing to be able to tap into.''

The 46-year-old musician, along with bandmates Damon Albarn, Graham Coxon and Dave Rowntree, topped the British album charts when their eighth studio LP was released in April, but he insisted they are in no rush to get back into the studio because each band member is ''doing their own thing'' outside of the group.

He continued: ''But I think everybody likes doing their own thing as well, I think we all needed to. But yeah as long as it doesn't become grotesque and as long as people still give a s**t then I guess we'll keep plugging away, hopefully.''

Meanwhile, Alex - who lives in Oxfordshire with his wife Claire Neate and their five children, Geronimo, Artemis, Galileo, Sable and Beatrix - confessed the band could easily have flopped when they started out though because they were so ''arrogant'', but praised the founder of Food record label, Dave Balfe, as he ''mentored'' them.

He told Digital Spy entertainment website: ''I was thinking about that yesterday because we got an email from Dave Balfe, who was the guy who signed us to Food saying that he's selling the very big house in the country. I was just thinking what a brilliant guy. He really mentored us. We were just a bunch of drunk, arrogant, snotty f**kers and I don't think that would be tolerated today.''