Alex Clare's record label came ''grovelling'' back to him when his song was used in an advert.

Island Records dropped the singer-songwriter when his album debuted at number 156 in the UK chart last April, but In March this year, Microsoft contacted them to use his track 'Too Close' as the soundtrack for a television advert and he was quickly re-signed.

Alex exclusively told BANG Showbiz: ''They were grovelling and very apologetic, it was brilliant!''

Despite the initial smug feeling, there are no lasting disagreements between the singer and his label. Alex said: ''We obviously had out mutual disagreements, being that my album did terribly last year, but they are friendly with me again.''

'Too Close' reached number four in the UK chart upon re-release but Alex said the dubstep aspects of the single were met with suspicion from some of the genre's purists.

He added: ''A dubstep specialist would probably cry at the thought, but the reality is it does.''

Alex says he is a fan to electronic music and it has always been part of his sound, adding: ''I used to be very much into jungle and baseline. That was a big part of my musical upbringing. And there is definitely that element of a fine wave of baseline in my music.''