Review of War Rages On Single by Alex Clare

He became a chart sensation with his second single 'Too Close' from debut album 'The Lateness of the Hour', but Alex Clare seems to have toned the dance vibe down a bit since then and proves it by unveiling his new single 'War Rages On', ahead of the release of album two 'Three Hearts'.

Alex Clare War Rages On Single

That dubstep vibe that made 'Too Close' such an addictive track has been completely omitted in favour of a more raw sound. 'War Rages On' maintains the carefully layered, polished composition, opening with clunky piano before those charismatic vocals kick in with immediate strength and the rapid pulse of a drum goes berzerk over the uplifting sonorous echoes.

The slow, springy synths in contrast with the frantic percussion presents an emotive chaos - even the line 'Please don't pass me by, can you hear me calling out your name' seems to get more desperate and imploring as the song goes on. The drums slow right down for a fraction during a break in the song as the vocals relax a little, but then an intense resonance leads as the beat crescendos into an electrifying noise explosion.

It's a cinematic and dynamic track that is dominated by the power that is Alex Clare's voice. While refined and controlled, they still maintain a rawness to them which makes those incredible canorous heights even more effective. Yet another vibrant masterpiece.


Holly Williams

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