Alesha Dixon won't let her daughters follow in her footsteps for the foreseeable future.

The 45-year-old star is making her return to music with new single 'Ransom' and while her dancer husband Azuka Ononye - with whom she has Azura, 10, and four-year-old Anaya - will be performing with her when she sings on 'Britain's Got Talent', she's had to tell her eldest child she can't join them.

Alesha told The Times newspaper: “Until the day I feel like she’s emotionally intelligent enough to handle anything that comes with the industry, the answer will be no, you will not do that.”

The former Mis-Teeq singer isn't worried about juggling motherhood and her pop career because she believes she can do anything she sets her mind to.

She said: “I can’t control what other people’s perceptions are. My feeling on it is that I can be a mother, make music, work on television, be a businesswoman.

“I can write the rules for myself.”

The 'BGT' judge is also keen to lead the way when it comes to female representation on television.

She said: “Who’s the female Graham Norton? Who’s the female Jonathan Ross?

“This is why you see a lot of the same shows being rehashed — because people want to play it safe with formats that have worked in the past rather than taking a risk on something new.”

Although it has been nine years since Alesha released music, she insisted she had never "parked" that part of her but she has very high standards.

She said: “There is this perception with me that I’ve parked music, but it never leaves me, it’s something I always do. I just have decided this time to actually share it.

"I have to keep challenging myself, keep finding ways to feel alive, and nothing makes me feel more alive than when I’m doing music.”