The Grammy winner confessed one of the most harrowing times of his life with Spanish journalist Pepa Bueno on her news magazine series Viajando Con Chester.

In the candid interview, Sanz talks about a 2007 incident, in which two of his employees, who were married, plotted together to tell his secrets if he didn't handover $500,000 (£312,500).

Sanz said that at the time, he was in the process of getting a divorce from model Jaydy Michel, and claims the unnamed employees threatened to publish intimate photos of the former couple if he didn't hand over the cash.

The singer says he refused to give in to their demands and decided to take the matter to the police.

He recalls, "I told him (the employee), you are starting this fight, but I'm going to win it. I'm going to tell you when this fight will end."

Sanz was doubly saddened by the situation as he believed he could trust his longtime friend, adding, "I was hurt, and surprised. I never thought that people could do such things, to be able to tell lies, and to blackmail me. I trusted too much."

Sanz went on to allege the female employee even drugged him to make him more vulnerable during this time, adding, "The woman would put sleeping pills in my food. It was like a scary movie, I swear."

But the singer insists the devastating incident hasn't brought him down: "There is one thing that is very clear to me: No one is going to teach me not to trust. I rather trust and make a mistake, than having to live in fear."