Hilaria and Alec Baldwin's daughter Carmen is ''super fascinated with how babies are made''.

The six-year-old tot has left her mother Hilaria scrambling to come up with a suitable explanation for where babies come from, after she demanded the 36-year-old health and wellness expert stop trying to avoid the subject and give her a ''straightforward answer''.

Hilaria - who is currently pregnant with her fifth child - explained on her Instagram Story: ''I need advice: Carmen is super fascinated with how babies are made. I used to be able to get out of getting into it too much by asking her what she thinks ... then she would lose interest. Now she is very much asking for a straightforward answer.''

The 'Living Clearly Method' author says Carmen already knows some facts about babies thanks to one of her friends, but is keen to discover how the baby ''gets inside the woman's body''.

She added: ''She will be seven in a couple of months. A friend told her that babies are made with a seed and an egg ... but she wants to know they get inside the woman's body. Is that too young? What do I do?''

Meanwhile, Hilaria - who also has Rafael, four, Leonardo, three, and Romeo, two, with her husband Alec - recently said spending time in quarantine with her family has been ''really tough'', because all her children are home from school.

She said: ''It's really tough. I want to prepare the night before and then have it all set up for them. You're getting curriculum from other people, so you're trying to teach something that somebody else is telling you to teach. I'm trying to understand that and that I found to be challenging. But we're figuring it out ... I've heard some intense conversations from people that are like, 'Oh my God, I'm going to kill my person right now, it's too much!' We typically spend so much time together that this is really not abnormal.''