Alec Baldwin erupted in tears as he sat in the witness stand on Tuesday  morning (November 12, 2013). The actor broke down following a heated exchange of words between himself and the defendant, Genevieve Sabourin, over the nature of their relationship, TMZ reports.

Sabourin is hearing charges of stalking and harassment, with Baldwin claiming that he and his wife had undergone years of hardship as a result of her incessant obsession with the actor. He claims that she inundated him with tweets and emails and even claims that she has shown up at his home and harassed his wife in the past.

On the contrary, Sabourin says that she has history with Baldwin, claiming to have met the actor in 2002, before having dinner with him in 2010. She also claims to have slept with the actor at some point in the supposed period of knowing each other, something that Alec vehemently denies.

As Baldwin gave his testimony in the New York courtroom, he described Sabourin as a woman with a deep-seeded obsession with him, a woman who has made life hell for him and his wife. As he broke down in tears at the end of his statement - tears that some observers have apparently questioned in regards to their authenticity - it also ended a series of back-and-forths between the actor and his accused stalker.

As Baldwin recalled the apparent instances of harassment during his statement, Sabourin repeatedly challenged every instance Alec could come up with, and when he denied that they ever had sexual relations, she apparently fired back by screaming "REALLY?!??!"

She also accused Alec of having a "lying disease" as he testified.

Following the hearing, TMZ go on to report that Alec was his usual cheery self when confronted by the press outside the courthouse, telling reporters "I hope you choke to death."

Geneviene explained herself outside the court, claiming, "After my first arrest, I became very well known and vilified across the world. A lot of people made a lot of fun out of me behind my back, and they created FaceBook accounts and Twitter accounts - some in support and some very humourisitc [sic] and some very bad - about me...right now I think there is eight or ten fake Twitter and FaceBook accounts."

When asked why she kept interrupting Alec during his testimony, she explained, "at the preliminary hearings, the judge gave me one of two options: to have a French translator, and then I would only have to rely on that version of the truth, which is from the translator, and I was concerned that I was going to lose the content of everything. The other option was that I could go without a translator and I could interrupt, asking my lawyer, at any time about the process.. Any time I could ask 'what does it mean,' 'is that true,' 'what is it,' because I have a need of translation. I'm not fluent, so that is why people would say I interrupt, when actually I have the right [to interrupt] by the judge."

"I can prove I had a relationship with him, but he's lying," she continued. "he's lying to the court, which is perjury, and he's probably lying to his wife in order to save his marriage."

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Has Alec been lying to his wife, Hilaria?