Alberta Cross, Interview September 2012

11 October 2012

Interview with Alberta Cross

Interview with Alberta Cross

Hailing from New York, Alberta Cross have had steadily growing successes in recent years, being recognised in the biggest music publications as a breath of fresh air on the rock scene and having several of their songs being used in television. They have just released an exciting new album, 'Songs of Patience', so we caught up with them to chat about its reception in the UK, their promotional tour, future album plans and frontman Petter's new hat.

How have you found the European festival tour this summer?
Absolutely brilliant! The crowds that came out for the festivals were absolutely great to us and really seemed to love the new tunes. It felt like being home.

Has there been an element of discovery during the tour? Have there been any other artists that have caught your eye during your time on the road?

Well, unfortunately, we learned that our tour manager has some trouble manoeuvring a van in Europe. That led to some interesting scenarios... Eagles of Death Metal were great to watch, and we seemed to almost be on the same schedule as they were. As always, it was good to meet old and new friends.

You've shared the stage with a huge range of artists over the past few years, has this variety influenced your sound in this period?

It's always inspired us to spend time with the musicians we've been privileged to tour with. One of our last support tours was with Them Crooked Vultures, so, certainly, being around three musicians of that calibre was a huge influence.

There is a distinct sonic difference between your recorded material and your more raw live performances. Have you ever considered capturing this more gritty side to Alberta Cross on record?
Actually, we're planning to make the next one much more organic and raw!

New album, Songs of Patience, has just been released in the UK, are you expecting a good reception?
Good so far, but it's gonna be a real builder of an album.

You've made it public that there were difficulties recording the album, do you feel that the changes were necessary to produce the record you wanted?
Yes. Absolutely. Those experiences had a huge impact on what we were writing and shaped the album.

Would you consider Songs of Patience to be a record that represents Alberta Cross today?
Yes, but even now we're working on writing the next record and starting a new phase, which is rapidly progressing. Every time we have a break on tour, we're in the studio trying to stay ahead.

The excellent Money For The Weekend is featured on the Madden 2012 Soundtrack, the latest of your songs to have been picked up for use in popular culture. Do you feel your profile has been boosted by this exposure?
It hasn't hurt. It was pretty cool actually.

Despite having different backgrounds, you're based in New York. Do you consider New York to be the home of Alberta Cross?
Absolutely. New York has been a great home and a huge inspiration for us musically.

What do you consider the next step for Alberta Cross?
Just continuing to tour for Songs of Patience and starting to write and record the next one. Always about keeping forward motion.

Finally Peter, Can you tell us the story behind your hat?
There's a whole family of trolls in there... a community actually. I'll introduce them to you one day. Seriously though, I found this guy at a market in London. Just knew I had to have it.

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