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Albert Hammond Jr Yours To Keep Album

For someone who is currently a member of one of the world’s biggest bands you might have thought that a solo project would be a chance to declare your diversity as an artist, branch out or maybe create an inaccessible masterpiece. Somewhat surprisingly, Albert Hammond Jr’s debut solo album ‘Yours To Keep’ veers as close to The Strokes as you could possibly imagine. Perhaps sitting in the shadow of the lead singer is a bitter pill to swallow? Maybe. But a more realistic theory would be that Albert is out to prove his band mates wrong, after all, it’s no secret that the band turned their noses up at his songs on the last Strokes record.

With Albert looking to have the last laugh, he couldn’t have made a less promising start, if the shoddy album title and equally appalling song-titles didn’t bring apprehension to then fore then the cliché song-writing just might tip it. When this record does escape from the shadow of the Strokes it only finds itself cast over another musical figure. The vocals in ‘Blue Skies’ sound as if they were delivered from Liam Gallagher and ‘Call An Ambulance’ sounds like a poor attempt at a Beatles rip off. Don’t get me wrong, this record has its fair share of pleasant, warm and charming moments, but the only real highpoints worth a mention are ‘Scared’ with its soft & highly seductive chorus & ‘Back to the 101’ which oddly enough, sounds like a solid Strokes song. Overall, well, I would be lying if I didn’t say ‘Yours To Keep’ is hugely disappointing.

Colin Burrill

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