It's Music Monday and so here we celebrate the 21st anniversary of the release of an epic little rock record; Alanis Morissette's 'Jagged Little Pill' featuring the likes of 'Ironic', 'You Oughta Know' and 'Hand in My Pocket'.

Alanis MorissetteAlanis Morissette released 'Jagged Little Pill' in 1995

The artist... This Canadian-born singer was a pop princess until she ventured out to complete 'Jagged Little Pill'; an album laced with her unique vocals over driving rock rhythms. While she's released five more successful albums since then, nothing has quite beaten the heights of this mid-90s project. 

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The album... 'Jagged Little Pill' was a stark departure from Morissette's sound, and one that was met with favourable reviews across the board. She teamed up with producer Glen Ballard for the release, and went on to win five Grammys and become the youngest artist ever to win Album of the Year. It was a number one hit in both the UK and the US and featured the unforgettable anthem 'Ironic'.

Why you need to hear it... It's 90s fem-rock at its greatest and it features one of the most unique voices in musical history. Plus, it explored situations and feelings that most people until that point hadn't bothered to express in song, and it connects to almost everyone on a personal level.

The best song... 'You Oughta Know': 'Ironic' is, of course, the obvious choice but this one was so raw lyrically and sonically. You can almost feel the pain she sings about, and there's one hell of a catchy chorus going on. 

Where are they now? Her last album was 2012's 'Havoc and Bright Lights' (a Canadian number one), but she did release a special 20th anniversary edition of 'Jagged Little Pill' last year featuring 10 previously unreleased demos. She also starred in a new movie called 'The Price Of Desire' last year, and since January 2016 she has written an advice column for The Guardian newspaper. Oh, and before we forget to mention, she's currently pregnant with her second child. Congrats, Alanis!