Looks like the turmoil at the Honey Boo Boo household is finally coming to an end. Well, according to Mama June it is, anyway. The Thompson/Shannon family matriarch has been doing press lately, sharing her side of the story with anyone, who will listen. And according to her side, she is single, not dating former flame and convicted child molester Mark McDaniel.

June Shannon, Alana Thompson
Mama June and TLC's professional relationship might be over, but the girls are well provided for.

She is also, in her words, being taken care of by TLC along with her three youngest daughters Alana "Honey Boo Boo" Thompson, 9, Lauryn "Pumpkin" Shannon, 14, and Jessica “Chubbs” Shannon.

Mama June spoke to that bastion of journalistic integrity, Doctor Phil, and defended herself against accusations that she is putting her younger daughters at risk by continuing to associate with McDaniels. In the one-on-one interview, Dr Phil put the TV mum through a pretty severe grilling, asking questions like: "That's Alana, and she's [only a year older in this picture] than Anna was when [McDaniel molested her], and you [said] you took Pumpkin [to meet him so she could ask him] questions, but you also brought Alana there?"

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Shannon explained that she had not, in fact, rekindled the flame with McDaniels. In her story, she only visited and brought the children with her, in order for Pumpkin to get some closure, after believing that McDaniels was her biological father. Mama June also claimed that McDaniels had also found another girlfriend and that one of the alleged photos of her and her former partner had been photoshopped. So is that the end of the saga? Looks like that’s it for TLC and the Shannon women’s business relationship, after the cancellation of the show. But don’t worry, the girls are well provided for, according to Mama June.

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"I have nothing bad to say about TLC," the former reality star reveals. "They have been good to me. They still are very good to me. You know the rumor is that I was not going get paid with the show, but I did get paid through whatever was owed to me through the show. My kids got paid in their trust funds. Sugar Bear got paid. Everybody got paid that was owed from the show. They’re still taking care of the girls today with tutoring. Which I’m very, very grateful for. They’re taking care of some other things for the girls, I’m very, very grateful for. And I’m grateful for the experience."

Alana Thompson
9-year-old Alana Thompson is well provided for, says her mother June Shannon.