Alana Thompson aka Honey Boo Boo child shot to fame and brought her family along with her when her successful turn in 'Toddlers in Tiaras' spun off into a show of her own. Her Uncle Poodle is one of the members of the family that appears on the reality show, and tragically it has now been reported by Fenuxe that he has tested positive for HIV.  

Uncle Poodle, real name Lee Thompson, said that he has always been fastidious about HIV testing. Although in March 2012 he tested negative, by May of the same year the result came back positive. Thompson's boyfriend, it turns out, was also HIV positive, knew about it, had been neglecting to take medication and chose not to tell Thompson. "[People who have unprotected sex] are damn fools!" Thompson says, "They are playing Russian roulette; they are playing with their lives and that of their sexual partners." 

While the diagnosis obviously comes as a crushing blow, Thompson wants to make the best of a bad situation. "I can help and I want to." He said, "I know what it is like to be bullied. I know what it is like to live with HIV... I want to have my own television show and highlight what it is like being gay in the south. I think I have a good story to tell." 

With sound advice about coming out and a sensible attitude towards safe sex perhaps a show from Uncle Poodle would be a good addition to Southern broadcasting - we look forward to it!