Rightly or wrongly, many people maintain Honey Boo Boo is made of trash, in a metaphorical sense, referencing the stereotype of 'white trash', but now an art piece, which embodies the star of Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, Alaina Thompson, has been made entirely out of rubbish, Reality TV Magazine reports. 

Has a portrait ever represented its subject more accurately? We're not sure, but Jason Mecier's piece comes damn close. "Highlights include two cans of hair spray, three tiaras, make-up, mascara, fake eyelashes, coupons, sketti, butter, ten cheese balls, two Red Bulls, one Mountain Dew, a McDonald's chicken nugget, a pink Snuggy box, an empty toilet paper roll, one cabbage patch doll and a jar of Pigs Feet," he said, explaining the make up of the piece. "No roadkill was injured during the making of this portrait!" he added, assuring possible suitors of the piece, who might be put off by a possible smell. In this innovative version of recycling, Mecier may just have created a masterpiece, but then again, he may have simply rearranged bit of garbage to make more garbage, but we're not here to judge.

Honey Boo Boo Child cuts a controversial figure; some think her antics are hilarious, even bordering on cute, while some condemn the stardom she has received at such a young age, especially when her mother is reported to feed her a concoction of Mountain Dew and Red Bull - a caffeine kick unsafe for even adults.