Former Oasis manager Alan Mcgee believes the band will reunite in 2016.

The record label owner is confident the 'Wonderwall' hitmakers will reform for their 25th anniversary, in two years time, after their split in August 2009 when Noel Gallagher quit the band following a backstage bust-up with his brother Liam in Paris, France.

Alan said: ''Liam and Noel have got to do it. I think we'll have to wait for the 25th anniversary in a couple of years. They're brothers. You can never predict how things work out.''

Meanwhile, Alan - who also managed Primal Scream, The Jesus and Mary Chain under his label Creation Records - admits his rock and roll lifestyle almost killed him.

He explained: ''Hanging out with Oasis was exhausting. I'd go from one night with Liam and Noel to a night out with Primal Scream. I'd be down in Wales with Oasis recording the album, doing drugs every night. They'd arrive in London and I'd go on another two-dayer with them.''

Alan had a breakdown in 1994 just as Oasis topped the charts with their debut album 'Definitely Maybe' and they became the biggest band in the UK, but he admits he felt some sort of resentment for their success.

Speaking to the Daily Mirror newspaper, he recalled: ''One morning I went to church. I came out knowing it wasn't the answer, got back into my house and there was a voice message. 'Hey we're No1 with 'Definitely Maybe!'' I just wiped the message, didn't even smile. I felt like I'd paid the price for everyone else to have a good time.''