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Cate Blanchett Mistook Alan Alda For Her Father

The Australian actress lost her dad when she was just 10 years old after he suffered a fatal heart attack, and she admits that during the grieving process, she spotted Alda on TV...

Tom Hanks On Working With The Coen Bros & Steven Spielberg On ‘Bridge Of Spies’: ‘It’S Like A Lottery Win’

For Bridge of Spies, Tom Hanks was given the opportunity to work with the Coen brothers and Steve Spielberg. Hanks may be a global superstar, as much admired for his warmth and personality as he...

Second City Theatre Offices Destroyed By Fire

The blaze ripped through part of the Second City comedy complex on Wednesday (26Aug15), but spared the theatre, which some of America's top comedians once called home. Investigators believe the fire started...

Alan Alda: I Was Asked To Run For Political Office

Alan Alda was asked to run for political office at the peak of his career.The 79-year-old actor, who starred as Captain Hawkeye Pierce in the iconic TV series 'M*A*S*H', is an active supporter of the...

Alan Alda And Norman Lear Honoured At International Emmy Awards

Veteran actor Alan Alda and Tv producer Norman Lear were honoured at the 40th International Emmy Awards in New York on Monday (19Nov12).M*A*S*H star Alda and Lear each received a Special Founders Award from the...

Alan Alda Nearly Killed On Stage Three Times

Actor Alan Alda regularly snubs offers to hit Broadway because the theatre is a dangerous place for him - he was almost killed onstage three times.The M*A*S*H veteran starred in a number of theatre productions...

Regis Philbin Hosts Last Episode Of 'Live With Regis And Kelly'

Regis Philbin hosted his last episode of 'Live! With Regis and Kelly' yesterday (18 Nov 2011). 80-year-old Regis Philbin said his final goodbyes after a huge number of tributes came in by a variety of...

Alda Amazed By Emmy Win

ALAN ALDA was stunned when he won his sixth Emmy last month (AUG06), because he was so sure he wouldn't that he went on a family holiday to Europe and skipped the ceremony. The actor...

Alda Tells Of Childhood With Schizophrenic Mother

US actor ALAN ALDA was forced to rely on himself from a very young age - because he couldn't trust his schizophrenic mother. Alda, who recounts childhood with a paranoid schizophrenic parent in his...

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