Review of Live It Out Album by Alain Clark

Review of Alain Clark's album Live It Out.

Alain Clark Live It Out Album

Alain Clark, a Dutch man, who has indeed been making shockwaves in the Netherlands receiving a Zilveren award for best male artist. This soul singer does deserve recognition and his blend of uplifting, easy listening soul, very much inspired from the Motown school of pop and works well not to mention a genuinely good voice here too.

When I first listened to 'Live It Out' released on Warner Brothers it all seemed a bit too sickly sweet and soft for me but after a few listens in the background it dawned on me the joyful happiness that permeates from this album that can make the most angry man feel serene. There's tales of love, heartbreak, family, relationships and reflection through it all. The music fits well in the classic pop sense with a nice dose of horns, slick guitar licks, tight drums and classy keys all with Clark's nice soul vocals.

It's another slice of easy listening pop prompted by the fallout from Amy Winehouse. To give Clark credit there are shades of smooth Stevie Wonder here and you can't deny his genuine serenity. It will definitely appeal to the older audiences and won't go a miss at any Sunday day lounge pad. Nothing ground breaking but not bad.

Tareck Ghoneim

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