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Alabama 3 - Power In The Blood
Alabama 3 - Power In The Blood Reviewed

Alabama 3

Power In The Blood

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Alabama 3 formed in South London, the son of a Welsh Mormon preacher meets the offspring of a Glaswegian trades unionist at an underground acid house party and they embark upon the mischievous miscegenation of Hank Williams, Gospel and Acid House. Expanding in the mid 90s into a Brixton based collective, they called themselves ALABAMA 3 and continue to be one of the most joyous, righteous, provocative and inspirationally delinquent bands Britain has ever spawned.

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Alabama 3 have been on the music scene for years now and they have a major underground following. Know it or not if you watch the TV mafia series The Sopranos you have heard Alabama 3 in action, they wrote the song that is used as the theme (Woke Up This Morning). The Collective have always remained a rater odd group, On first listening Power In The Blood seamed to be a combination of Blues, dirt and power, these thoughts stuck throughout listening. Larry Love (lead Vocal) Sounds very much like Everlast. On tracks like Power In the Blood this is more of a dance based track followed by the more melancholy Reachin' featuring the soulful vocals of Val Harrison. You Don't have to listen to many of Alabama 3's track without detecting they have strong political and moral believes which they are not afraid to sing about.

All the songs are very well produced, a lot of attention has been taken to make Power In The Blood such bold & significant listening. Whether you agree with musicians getting mixed with politics or not, you have to hand it to Alabama 3 this album is great listening.

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