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Alabama 3 - Reachin
Alabama 3 - Reachin Reviewed


One Little Indian


The son of a Welsh Mormon preacher meets the offspring of a Glaswegian trades unionist at an underground acid house party and they embark upon the mischievous miscegenation of Hank Williams, Gospel and Acid House. Expanding in the mid 90s into a Brixton based collective, they called themselves ALABAMA 3 and continue to be one of the most joyous, righteous, provocative and inspirationally delinquent bands Britain has ever spawned.

The new single Reachin is no exception, Taken off the Album Power in The Blood.

It features echoing soulful female backing vocals combined with the sound of Alabama 3's, Rob Spragg aka Larry Love & Jake Black aka The Very Reverend Dr D Wayne Love are the owners of 2 of the most individual voices. Reachin' is pretty much a typical Alabama 3 single but there sound still doesn't grow old.

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