Alabama 3 - Interview: Contact music spoke to Jake Black

22 October 2002

Alabama 3 - Interview:
Contact music spoke to Jake Black
Contact music spoke to Jake Black (aka The Very Reverend Dr D Wayne Love) of Alabama 3. So How did Alabama 3 Start? I met Larry at a acid house party in Peckham and I decided we were going to be the first band to put Hank Williams on drum beats and acid cracks which we have done quite successfully. Larry went to university with A mountain of love (a member of the band) and the spirit (the piano and keyboard player) used to live with me, we just started to use people we knew and added and added until now.

So how many members do you have in total now? Well there is 8 of us on stage but you know there is a lot of people who are dead important off the stage people making our sound great…well when they are doing their job, all the management so really we have about 16-17 people involved. When we go on the road there is usually about 14 for us. We are having to get the only 16 birth bus in the UK but the beds are only like 5' 2". So I don't think we will be getting to many good nights sleep, but it will all be ok as it's like going away on holiday for us playing tours that is the part we all enjoy the most. We just really happen to like playing live, we didn't make any records for years we just used to go out and do gig after gig after gig. It took us, about 3 years before we started to play in London.
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You have a tour over the UK planned for people who haven't been to watch you yet what can they expect from your live show?

It's a proper medicine show, it's like a pantomime, it's the full lot!

If you were to have some one to come on stage and join you who would it be?

It would have to be Elvis although we would have to put some smelly stuff on him he is bound to be a little smelly by now don't you think. It would have to be someone big none of these pop singers or any of the other non sense!

Not including Alabama 3 how do you take today's music scene in general?

I listen to a lot of house music, there isn't many guitar groups I like, I like Coldplay though I think the lead singer is a really good writer good at ballads, I like ballads but other than that there isn't much, I got a great remix the other week a remix of Paul Oakenfold's Starry Eyed Surprise by Josh Wink. When I go and buy records I usually buy things like that, Josh Wink is a mad genius. I was watching the television the other day and The Datsuns were on I just thought wow that's Deep Purple and they have shrunk, but then I noticed it wasn't Deep Purple it was a group of teenagers. I don't really have much to say about other peoples music at least they are having a go so anybody who tries…I take my hat off to them, but when it comes to personal preference I don't listen to many Guitar bands, I listen to a lot of Hip Hop and Jazz. I just bought an old classic mix of Kenny Dope Gonzalez with all his classics that is a brilliant mix.

Power in the Blood is Alabama's new album what are your favorite tracks?

I don't know my favorite, it keeps changing but at the moment it is bullet proof, I think that is really good.

How did you come up with the title?

It's an old very popular prosperterian hymn. Also it is an indication of all this relative hysteria that is going on at present, there's a lot of religious forever.

Your website is fantastic did you have anything to do with the design?

Because we have been so busy with the album we haven't really had chance to get on it and spend much time on it, but we are going to take more time over it when he have a little more time. What we did, we wanted to set something up that was kind of like a computer games as well so people could have 5 minutes of amusement on it as well, we are going to set up individual sites for each member and then tie them into people we knows site.


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