LATEST: The messy divorce between Al Pacino and his actress wife BEVERLEY D'ANGELO continues - now the couple are involved in a legal debate over custody of their twins amid rumours and counter-rumours about who was to blame for the split.

Friends of D'Angelo say that Pacino is trying to sabotage her return to Hollywood. His friends say that she is attempting to blackmail him.

A friend of D'Angelo tells the NEW YORK DAILY NEWS that Pacino stopped paying $50,000 (GBP35,000) a month child support in January (03), when she told him she wanted to return to California with their children, ANTON and Olivia.

The source says, "He told her he would always provide for her. Either he has to support her or he has to let her go to California, where she can get work. She has job offers."

However a friend of Pacino claims he still pays $35,000 (GBP20,000) child support to D'Angelo and paid "every single expense. He's providing voluntarily way beyond what a court would order him to pay".

The source adds, "She hasn't been to California in two years. She's holding the children hostage to try to get something from Al, and it's not even clear what it is."