Al Pacino wants his daughter to change her surname.

The 75-year-old iconic actor believes his famous name could cause his first born child Julie, 25, to be hounded by the press and since the aspiring film producer is following in her father's footsteps, he has urged her to seriously consider changing it.

He said: ''I still feel, as a father it would be better for her, in her young life, to try another name, so she's not identifiable.''

The 'Scarface' actor also has 14-year-old twins Anton James and Olivia Rose with actress Beverly D'Angelo, but the pair have been given their mother's family name.

He explained: ''When I started out, everything was happening. I was wearing wigs, I was being chased down the street, but if someone asked me if I was me, I had to say, 'Yes I'm Al.' It makes me feel funny not to, because that's who I am. I even said to my daughter, maybe it'd be easier for her to us another name, but she said, 'But that's who I am.'''

Meanwhile, the star reflected on the fact he hasn't had ''anonymity'' for over fifty years.

He told Shortlist magazine: ''I think anonymity is something that all people share but don't understand, until you lose - then it has something of a meaning ... We all have a taste for attention. We all liked to be acknowledged and respond to being appreciated. That's one thing. To be so invisible? That's another.''