Al Pacino’s girlfriend Noor Alfallah fell in love with the actor after they watched his old films together.

The ‘Scarface’ actor, 83, first met the 30-year-old at a dinner in Los Angeles after she started working in the movie industry in the late-2010s and the pair have been romantically linked since 2022 – with the couple having their son Roman Pacino in June 2023.

She told Vogue Arabia about their first meeting: “I thought it was cool. I thought, ‘Wow, that’s Al Pacino.’

“I went to film school, so I wasn’t dumb about who he was. He’s a very talented and unique person. But I had no intention of thinking like, ‘oh, he is going to be my son’s father one day.’”

Noor added once the Covid pandemic broke out in 2020, she and Al started spending more time together and regularly watched his films.

She said: “Al lives down the street from my house and we started spending every day together, playing chess and watching movies.

“It was like film school with Al Pacino.”

She added when Al asked if she had seen his 1983 gangster movie ‘Scarface’ she told him no, and said: “He showed me some obscure movies he was in like one with Marthe Keller called ‘Bobby Deerfield’, which is now my favourite of all his films.”

Opening up about how their relationship blossomed: “I guess it just became something more.”

Even though she did not directly address the huge gap between her and Al, she insisted she had been “an old soul all my life”.

She added: “I have friends who are 70 years old; men and women who are just totally my friends who I love, who I’d rather be with than people my age.

“I’ve always been like that. I don’t know why. I think I like the wisdom, the experience, the life in them. That’s attractive to me.”

Despite reports Al and Noor had broken up in September, a representative for the actor told People at the time they are “still together” and had mutually agreed to custody arrangements regarding Roman.

Al also has three adult children – daughter Julie Marie with his acting coach ex-girlfriend Jan Tarrant and twins Anton and Olivia with his ex Beverly D’Angelo.