Al Pacino refuses to appear in musicals because he forgot his lines during an audition in 1968.

The Oscar award-winning actor - who's starred in a string of hit movies, including the 'Godfather' series and 'Scarface' - has not tried out for any musicals since he forgot the words at his Hal Prince audition for 'Zorba', when he sung 'Luck Be a Lady'.

Stevie Phillips, Al's former manager, has recalled the incident in her new book, 'Judy & Liza & Robert & Freddie & David & Sue & Me . . .: A Memoir', writing: ''Prince was casting Zorba and Pacino sang 'Luck Be a Lady' at his 1968 audition. But he forgot some words.

''Al sang: 'Luck be a lady tonight ... Luck be a lady tonight ... Luck be a lady tonight' ... The lyrics had moved on, but Al had not.

''The stage manager was now coming out with the hook, a heavy right arm with which he 'escorted' Al off the stage. Al innocently asked: 'So how do you think I did?' ... At last I said, 'Al, I don't think a musical is your thing.'''

The closest the legendary actor has came to appearing in musicals is when he was a special guest at the 158th anniversary of the Academy of Music Concert, where he performed a reading from Shakespeare.