Review of Locked Up Single by Akon


Akon - Locked Up' - Single review

Locked Up' is getting much airplay on radio having achieved success in America. This edgy thug song has a lot of feeling, deep bass and production with the same style to Dre. Locked Up' is gonna appeal to those in the urban scene who want that driving funk and sweet soulful vocals. Akon has a distinctive vocal delivery that oozes a serenity and vulnerability to appeal to the ladies and sensitive guys. It will appeal to street hustlers as well. The angst of lyrics could be related to those having been to jail through illicit activity and having general street conversation. It's all makes a heavy sound with a bit of attitude and infectious groove. There's even an appearance from Taz representing Def Jam Records on one version of this CD. He makes a series display of verbal dexterity that flows poetic and has cool street cred. It all adds to serious listening that will go down well at the Dance Hall.

Tareck Ghoneim

Akon - Locked Up' - Single review