TNT, the Turner-owned cable network, is close to ordering a pilot of 'Titans' - a drama based on a group of superheroes. From the collective minds of Warner Horizon, DC Comics and writers Akiva Goldsman and Marc Haimes, the show will follow a group of young heroes recruited from every corner of the DC universe.

Akiva GoldsmanAkiva Goldsman will produce 'Titans'

Dick Grayson is the main man here. He emerged from the shadow of Batman to become Nightwing, the leader of the fearless band of new superheroes including Raven and Starfire.

The Titans first appeared in the 1964 DC comic The Brave and the Bold, billed as a "Junior Justice League." Grayson, Kid Flash and Aqualad formed the main group, and were later joined by Wonder Girl, and Speedy.

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The show is the latest comic-book themed programme readied for TV. In addition to The CW's Arrow, we're also getting The Flash, Fox's Batman origins story Gotham, NBC's Hellblazer, Constantine and the female-led iZombie. That's on top of ABC's Agents of SHIELD, Agent Carter and Netflix's upcoming Daredevil. 

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Fans may remember the Cartoon Network and The WB aired a Teen Titans animated series between 2003-2006, with the same characters. Clearly TNT are ditching the "teen" angle on things and will take a new grown up approach.

Titans is actually one of three drama pilots readied for TNT. Lumen from Amblin TV is also waiting for a formal green-light, as is the Jerry Bruckheimer and Michael Bay-produced project Untitled Cocaine project.

What do you think of the Titans series - are TNT simply jumping on the bandwagon, or can this really work?

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