Review of Stunners 130 Album by Akira The Don

Akira The Don and Wade Crescent
Stunners 130
Album Review

A mixtape can be a wonderful thing, personal, full of obscure gems, but get it wrong and the results could be disastrous. Luckily, Akira the Don and Wade Crescent have pretty good compilation with Stunners 130.

Essentially a musical collage, it features samples from artists as diverse as Lil Wayne, Duran Duran and Nirvana, ticking over seamlessly for the best part of an hour. Listening out for all the samples is a test in itself, so in that sense the album will reward repeat listens, but the album will stay on your collection for the purpose it was intended, as party music.

Keeping this in mind will excuse some of the more clumsy cuts on here, in particular the splicing in of snippets in Dan le Sac vs Scroobius Pip's 'Thou Shalt Always Kill', which sound jarringly messy as does much of the first third, which is congested with turgid gangsta stylings.

It is in the final third though, that it really hits its stride and becomes enjoyable on more levels; Daft Punk, Muse,

Akira The Don Stunners 130 Album

Justin Timberlake, Klaxons and Public Enemy rub shoulders to electrifying effect, 'Signs of Donliness' being a particular highlight.

So in short, buy it, but don't download it, 'cause your iPod will put gaps between the tracks and it'll sound rubbish.

Ben Davis

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