Review of Algebra Album by Airship

As we know Manchester has bred some amazing bands/artists and not all mainstream as some might think ranging from The Stone Roses to Jim Noir; Airship are the latest band from the region to find themselves in the spotlight as they release the EP Algebra.

There's a touch of Badly Drawn Boy in the vocals about Airship but thankfully that is where the similarities end. The lead track 'Algebra' contains a lot of energy but you can't help but feel this might all be a little too 'nice'. Next up is 'Never Awake' which increases the tempo and tries to be more rock like meets science fiction sounds but Elliot Williams vocals are too soft and whisper like to fit on heavy song, it makes it easy for the vocals get lost within the music.

A great redeeming feature on this EP is the diversity contained on each track, Airship seem comfortable with their songwriting; a carbon copy EP this is not. 'Spirit Party' flows through with an introduction from the rest of the band assisting with some backing vocals, and although it sounds like they are sat five yards away from the mic it actually works perfectly. The band continues to mix things with the final track 'Go To Sleep' a piano based ballad, that gives you a sense that you are in a dream.

Airship Algebra Album

Airship have some good stuff to offer and aren't afraid to experiment, which is always a refreshing thing to see and hear. These guys from up North are most certainly an interesting prospect; the question is: can they sustain the standard?


Mark Moore

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