Review of Play It Rough Album by Airdog Recordings

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12. Various Play It Rough (Album; - Airdog Recordings)
Its been a long wait since the last Airdog compilation release of 1997. That album launched the career of the now infamous DeeJay Punk Roc and presumably theyre hoping for a similar outcome this time around.

Breakz, electro, bass, disco, funk, beatz is what it says on the front cover and that just about sums it up. Play It Rough is a DJ friendly compilation of 12 up-tempo beats-based tracks from 12 of Airdogs artists. Although this album is no classic (there are places and tracks that really could have been ignored) but tunes like Player Ones massive Into The Darkness and Toxteth Renegades The Rhythm Trak make this vinyl double pack an essential item for anyone planning on warming up a few dance floors this summer.

Airdog have mainly made the right moves on this one with all the right basslines, all the right breaks, the right beats, disco, electro and funk. But have they chosen the right artists to tread Punk Rocs path. Who knows they may have to wait another 4 years.