Review of Things That Don't Exist/Fires Single by Air Formation

Single review for 'Things That Don't Exist' by Air Formation released through Distant Noise Records.

Air Formation Things That Don't Exist/Fires Single

We're not saying that the music industry occasionally get it wrong this age of the three minute pop song and short term cash cow, it seems one thing is being generally overlooked here; talent.

Whilst I'm sure some of the artists who fall into the aforementioned glut of "here today, gone tomorrow" scene dwellings may have some modicum of inspiration up their sleeves, the absence of any clearly defined sound, logic as to why they're making music in the first place and ultimately, longevity, makes their credentials seem even more hollow with every radio friendly jingle their record label instructs them to churn out until the inevitable parting of ways months down the line.

Which brings us onto Air Formation, a band who for whatever reason obviously don't fit the current record industry model for success. Nevertheless, while Late of the Friendly Foals or whoever pander to their paymasters' wishes like a lapdog begging for water, they've merrily gone about their way creating an incendiary sound that quite frankly knocks spots off pretty much every other guitar band plying their wares today.

Sure, their influences may be easy to recognise - a collage of effects-laden guitars resonate like a modern day My Bloody Valentine or Slowdive while the vocals have an almost choral-like presence - but what sets them apart is the sheer ambition of their art, such as on the winsome 'Things That Don't Exist'. Mesmerising in its audacity, there really aren't enough superlatives you can throw at Air Formation here but spellbinding is one.

Its partner in crime 'Fires; meanwhile is an effervescent, if slightly more energetic offering that suggests Air Formation can rock out with the best of them as well as create tidal waves of aural beauty. Simply breathtaking stuff that can't and shouldn't be ignored any longer.

Dom Gourlay

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