Rock offspring Aimee Osbourne has blasted former flatmate Nicole Richie for branding her a boyfriend-stealer, owing her rent money and criticising her family.

Ozzy Osbourne's 21-year-old daughter shared an apartment with singer Lionel Richie's daughter, but was horrified when Nicole's well-documented drug problems left her with such a fragile grasp on reality, she accused Aimee of seducing her partner, Cher's rocker son ELIJAH BLUE ALLMAN.

Aimee fumes, "I would never go near anyone's boyfriend. I think that's disgusting behaviour. Nicole can be a lovely girl, but if she's going to go ranting about someone who only tried to do right by her.

"I had no idea she had such a serious drug problem - and to this day she owes me money for rent. She screwed me up pretty much every way she could.

"I opened my heart to her, my home, my family, everything. She went to rehab and while she was there she decided I was this horrible person."

05/04/2005 17:35