‘Poldark’ star Aidan Turner seems to have let slip plans for a third series of the popular BBC period drama, even though the second season hasn’t yet been broadcast.

Speaking at the National Television Awards on Wednesday night (January 21st), where he received the Impact Award for the ‘TV moment of the year’ on the first occasion it’s ever been awarded, the 32 year old Irish actor was asked about forthcoming plans for the series when he said a little more than he probably should have.

Aidan TurnerAidan Turner with his Impact Award at the 2016 National Television Awards

“We start shooting the third series, I believe, in September,” he told The Sun, before realising what he’d said and attempting to backtrack. “Oh no, I'm going to be in trouble. It's possible we're not doing that.”

Turner’s role in ‘Poldark’, in which he featured in several scenes without his shirt on, drew in millions of viewers when the first season was aired in the spring of 2015. About the accolade he’d just received, he admitted that he was “slightly confused”.

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He said: “I'm not sure why I'm here, I'm glad to be, and who knows, this might be the only one I get, so I'm delighted.” Of course, he knows perfectly well why ‘Poldark’ is so stunningly popular, referencing the scenes of him scything topless, admitting “I guess the scything scenes kind of speak for themselves, there's little to say there.”

In a separate interview with the Express, Turner said that enjoyed the role and wanted to keep playing it as long as possible. “I hope so - it'd be nice. We need to keep the standard high. If the standard stays where it is, we'll keep doing it. If it drops, we're off - like anything else.”

Fans of the first season will be relieved to know that there’s plenty more revealing shots of Turner’s torso planned for the next series, due to air at some point in the autumn of 2016. “I think I've finished all the slightly naked scenes I'm going to be doing - I think they might all be done by this stage!” he said in another interview.

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