We are far more used to seeing Agyness Deyn on the runway, swathed in the world's most sumptuous fabrics and being adored and revered, not working as a stripper in a seedy club. However that's exactly the character, named Flo, that Deyn plays in the brand new remake of the 1996 Danish film 'Pusher'.

Nicolas Winding Refn directed the original and has opted to produce this new English language version. The plot follows Frank (played by Richard Coyle), a drug dealer with a sidekick called Tony (Bronson Webb). Frank is at a loss as to how to pay back the 'local kingpin' for some lost gear. All of this spirals down into bloody violence. Refn chose to give the stripper, Flo, a bigger part in this remake and intends to gear the sequel towards her and her story in Las Vegas, so reports the Telegraph. The Danish film 'Pusher' ended up having two sequels and is normally referred to as the 'Pusher Trilogy', however if the sequel to this new Pusher is made, it will have no relation to it's Danish equivalent.

This isn't Deyn's first acting job, she also played Aprhodite in Clash of the Titans in 2010, and has since acted in the West End in 'The Leisure Society', achieving great critical acclaim. Her next big project is in a starring role in an adaptation of the classic Scottish novel 'Sunset Song'.