Agyness Deyn is not seeking a ''conventional looking'' boyfriend.

The 29-year-old model and actress - who has previously dated Strokes drummer Albert Hammond Jr. and Josh Hubbard - does not mind being single but would be happy to get with anyone she could make a ''connection'' with.

She said: ''I've been single for three years now. They don't have to be conventionally good looking. If you have a connection to someone it doesn't matter what their exterior is.''

In recent years Agyness has turned her back on modelling, and has now moved to Los Angeles to pursue her acting dream, and despite the change she claims she is not scared.

She said: ''I suppose it's striving to really push myself. You have to have no fear. Just ride the rollercoaster. Go with it. Jump in. It helps that there has been a camera in my face for 12 years.''

Agyness is not scared of how critics will view her in her new drug-heavy movie 'Pusher'.

She added to the Sunday Times magazine: ''It's not as if I'm playing myself in the film. People are gonna write what they want to write. Hats off to them, if they want to write whatever.''