Agnetha Faltskog is making a musical comeback.

The Abba singer has announced she is releasing a solo album entitled 'A' on May 13, over 30 years after the Swedish supergroup broke up.

The 62-year-old blonde's solo career failed to take off and her last album was 2004's 'My Colouring Book', but she decided to flex her creative muscles once more and was surprised at the result.

Agnetha told BBC News: ''For this album, we had an idea that maybe I should try to write one song. I didn't want to do more. I'm not that composer that composes every day. But it was very exciting to see if it still worked - and it did!''

Agnetha - who has been publicity-shy over the last few decades - was initially dubious about returning to the studio when she was first approached by Swedish producer Jorgen Elofsson.

However, the singer fell in love with the songs and enlisted the help of 'X Factor' judge Gary Barlow for duet 'I Should Have Followed You Home' to keep her voice sounding young and fresh.

She said: ''It was flattering, it really was. I just couldn't say no. I really loved the songs from the beginning. I told [Jorgen], 'We have to talk about a lot of things first'.

''It was nine or ten years since I'd sung, so I didn't know if [my voice] worked. I said from the beginning, 'If it sounds old I don't want to do this, because... why should I?'''